Yokohama club network

ycnIn 2017 YOKOHAMA RUBBER CO., LTD. will celebrate its hundredth birthday. In order to point out such an important milestone, YOKOHAMA constantly tries to develop and grow, having a clearly delineated vision of a global company with unequalled business values and an excellent market position.

Since 2004 an expansion of YOKOHAMA CLUB NETWORK (YCN) has played an extremely important part in the overall global strategy of YOKOHAMA.

Yokohama Club Network is a network of professional service points offering both advanced technological knowledge about tyres and specialistic equipment. YCN’s tyre service points operate under the patronage of YOKOHAMA corporation, where the best tyres can be purchased.

The presence of YCN in Poland began in 2008, when we were proudly joined by as many as 17 service points. This year 11 further service points will join our network.

As YCN is connected with YOKOHAMA, YCN’s points offer mainly tyres produced by this corporation. Our motto is quality and safety.


We invite you to visit our service points.


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